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Gabe Merrill, M.S. is the Medical Legal Liaison and Founder of Hawaii Medical Evaluators.  Gabe is a dedicated professional with over 17 years of experience that is specific to the areas of occupational medicine, industrial surveillance, and injury recovery in the State of Hawaii. Gabe has a proven history of supporting executive physicians and office managers in leading corporate and government organizations. 

Gabe prides himself on his service to the community and strong values. Gabe created Hawaii Medical Evaluators to assist attorney’s clients in getting appropriate medical care. HME augments the playing field by providing a business model that makes medical consultation affordable in the 9 out of 10 cases that are negotiated and settled.

Gabe completed his Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at the University of St. Francis – Albuquerque. Gabe obtained his Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education and Development from Southern Illinois University. Gabe  completed his paramedic education at Swedish Medical Center in Denver, Colorado.

Gabe has provided countless hours of medical support to the community over the past 35 years.  Gabe has volunteered with rural EMS and Fire Departments, The Red Cross and mountain search and rescue. Gabe has been a medical aid station Captain for the past ten years with the Honolulu Marathon and an event supporter for the Hawaii Bicycle League. 

The role of the Medical Legal Liaison is to coordinate the services between the physician consultants of Hawaii Medical Evaluators and the client's attorney. 

Please call us at (808) 437-2881 to discuss the resources we provide and help you save attorney time, expense and to add case value.



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