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Bio-Identical Hormones



Are you suffering with unexplained symptoms for which you have been given various diagnoses but little effective treatment? The issue might be hormonal imbalance.  If the many commercials on TV are any indication, you are not alone.  Commercials for various products permeate the airwaves hoping to attract your attention.  These ads tell us what symptoms are ailing many women and men in America. 

Commercials tell us thatour symptoms will respond to the product being touted.  Such products are foreign to your body, though.  It’s as if they are telling us that the Good Lord forgot to give us everything that we need to be healthy.  How can we be deficient in something that our system never created or needed? 

Also, many of us have multiple complaints.  Why would so many different things go wrong at the same time?  Just how many supplements and/or drugs is one supposed to need?  

There can be a simple explanation for multiple symptoms; hormonal imbalance.  Hormonal regulation is coordinated by the pituitary gland in the brain.  Even mildly disrupted regulation can cause hormonal imbalances leading to multiple symptoms.  So, one issue may cause multiple, varied symptoms. 

Many hormonal issues are missed because blood tests are given priority over symptoms.  This common practice is incorrectbecause each of us has our own optimal hormone level.  So, a level might be in the “normal” range but not be optimal for you.  This is why so-called “normal” test results are often misinterpreted.  Individuals have individual needs.  One size (lab number) does not fit all. 

The best “test”, in my opinion is usually history.  A physical exam helps but almost always coincides with the history in hormonal issues.  Remember; you are the reality and any blood test is just a reflection of reality.  Blood test results are best interpreted in the context of symptoms. 

In 20 years of practice, I’ve seen symptoms and lab resultsseem to point in opposite directions.  However, I’ve never seen labs be “right” and symptoms be “wrong” when predicting the correct diagnosis.  Again, your bloodwork is best interpreted in the context of your symptoms.The test isn’t wrong.  But is it interpreted correctly?The answer may be closer than you think.

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