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Are you having to try to interpret medical records and reports by yourself before or after taking on a personal injury, workers comp, veterans disability, or medical malpractice case? Are you having trouble getting medical reports from treating doctors so that your case can proceed in a timely fashion? Southern Indiana Medical legal Consulting can help you prepare for all your medical cases and save you time and money. Get us on your team at the outset to facilitate medical case coordination. In many cases we can summarize the medical issues with just a few hours of consultation and you can then decide if you require any further assistance.  

We can review medical records for importance and relevancy, and can also provide medical research based on current medical literature. We can also provide assessment of causation. What is unique about our services is that we are also able to offer a medical opinion about the case, which medical-legal nurses and other mid-level practitioners may not be qualified to provide.

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